Introducing: Lupus Est


A Foreign Effect short story

Hey folks,

at long last I can announce something concrete. In early July 2019 “Lupus Est”, a short story based in the same universe as “The Foreign Effect” will be released.
I can’t give you a concrete date, since Amazon tells me it can take up to 72 hours before they publish an ebook, but yeah. Early July. Amazon. ebook. All the good things I haven’t done before. And that is merely the start. I am aiming for the 4th of July to give you some sci-fi goodness alongside your freedom fireworks.

Later this summer you will see the re-release of The Foreign Effect (both physical and for the first time as an ebook as well). Some of you might have already noticed, that it is no longer available right now, as I am currently moving over to Amazon completely.

Autumn will then see the physical release of Lupus Est and The Foreign Effect together in the “Transferred Edition” and then we can finally move on to the yet to be named “sophomore effort” which is coming along nicely.

So the TLDR: Get “Lupus Est” a short story set in the same universe as “The Foreign Effect” as an ebook on Amazon in July! Prepare for the usual social media spam and more info on “Lupus Est” in the days to come!

So long,