Well ... finally

So there were times I seriously doubted I'd ever write this post, but since sometime last week, The Foreign Effect is finally available on Amazon (almost) globally. Only part of the Amazon family that does not carry my debut novel as of now is amazon.ca ... I am sorry eh! 
No in all seriousness, after what felt like a very one sided conversation with my publishing service I simply cannot be bothered to open that can of worms AGAIN, to get the thing listed on amazon.ca.
In general I am very displeased with my publishing service, a point that I will go into more detail in the eventual "Post Mortem" of The Foreign Effect some months down the line.

But enough moping around, it is done! The book is published! Rejoice!

If you haven't already (seriously, what the hell were you thinking?) go and pick up your copy of, what is in my absolutely unbiased opinion, the best Sci-Fi Thriller out there and feel free to tell me how I am wrong.

I apprechiate every like, share, purchase, comment and review. The fact that there are people out there who spend their hard earned money and time on something I have written is still not really registering in my head. Thank you guys! You are fucking awesome!

Buy your copy of The Foreign Effect on:

Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.de | Lulu.com