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Lupus Est

Current Status: Available
Release Date: July 2019
Genre: Short Story / Science Fiction / Cyberpunk / Crime Drama
Cover by Lisa Wiedlroither

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Set in the same universe as “The Foreign Effect”, “Lupus Est” explores the origin story of Doctor Curtis Locke and his famed Transfer technology.

This short story shines more light on how Sirona Corp developed the technology that allows the creation of an artifficial human consciousness and Locke’s role in Sirona’s rise to power.

The Foreign Effect

Current Status: On Hold (previously released)
Release Date: May 2018
Genre: Science Fiction / Cyberpunk / Crime Drama
Cover by Lisa Wiedlroither

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Police officer Rebecca Gonzalez struggles to make ends meet between caring for her terminally ill mother and moonlighting at Sirona Corp, a company which among other services, offers TransLife – the possibility of permanently transferring your consciousness into a younger human host. In a world where suicide is a crime these hosts are recruited from the “lucky” survivors and provide a limited resource pool for a rapidly growing customer market. When her neighbor tries to commit suicide under mysterious circumstances Rebecca is drawn into a conspiracy that shows clearly that the rift between the classes of society is bigger than ever and the value of a single human life has become dangerously low.


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